Self Storage in Formby

self storage in FormbySelf Storage in Formby comes in handy when downsizing your living space. Often living spaces become too small to accommodate all our personal possessions. However, letting go of sentimental items is easier said than done. Self-storage spaces offer the perfect solution to declutter your house and still retain your possessions.  The storage spaces are safe confinements that accommodate a lot of items. The storage rooms come in different sizes ranging from 25 sq.ft spaces to 200 sq.ft rooms. Whether you want to store antique paintings or a vintage grand piano, Terry Lunt Storage has enough space to serve your needs. We have clean, well-lit, safe and secure storage spaces in our state of the art storage facility. We run a 24-hour surveillance system that closely monitors all activities within the storage units and forms part of our foolproof security system.

For many in Formby, self storage is not only used by clients decluttering their homes but also by individuals and families relocating abroad, carrying out renovations or moving houses. If large structural renovations are underway in your home or office, it’s not prudent to have delicate furniture or fixtures around. Self storage units are great spaces to keep your items as your house is refurbished. The units also save families the hustle of making complex transport logistics for their possessions when relocating to foreign homes. You can store your possessions in our storage units for as long as you wish. We will keep them safe for you. Our comprehensive storage services include transportation from pick-up locations to our storage facilities. Within our facilities, we have trucks and trolleys to manoeuver through the storage units.

Terry Lunt Storage offers top quality self storage in Formby. We are a leading name when it comes to removal and storage services. Our highly experienced team offers unparalleled professional services guaranteed to meet your every need. We offer sound advice on the best storage options for clients. Contact Terry Lunt Storage for the best storage services. We offer quality services at affordable rates. If you need a quotation we will provide one that meets your requirements.