Storage Solutions in Maghull

Storage Solutions in MaghullIf you are looking for storage solutions in Maghull, Terry Lunt Storage may have just what you need. Our storage options are suitable for use for people in various capacities, whether as an individual entity or a business. You can use our storage service when you’re going on a long trip and wish to keep your items safe. They are also available to use when you’re moving to a new house or office and have items that are not necessary to have in the new place or will be done away with at a later time, either by donating or recycling. You can even use our storage facilities to store important files as archives so that they don’t use up valuable office space.

We provide modern self-storage facilities and offer a service built on quality and respect in all aspects. In Maghull, storage solutions come with security, so that your items are secure and free from prying hands and eyes. You can choose the size of storage you wish to use. Our 25sq foot is ideal for contents of a single room and is perfect for de-cluttering. If you’re in need of something a little bigger, then the 50sq foot storage option is perfect for you. It can easily fit the contents of a studio apartment or a large garden shed. With the 75sq foot storage option, you get to easily fit contents that are in a 2-bedroom house, enabling you to store items such as TVs and fridges. We also have available a 100sq foot storage unit that can easily fit contents from your garage.

Our storage solutions in Maghull do not end there. We have available 150sq foot and 200sq foot storage solutions as well, perfect for families and offices. Store your home or office items securely and come sort them out whenever you get the chance. Contact Terry Lunt Storage for storage options that have you satisfied. All our storage units are equipped with CCTV cameras for 24-hour security, fire protection and come with a key to enable you drop by any time you wish.