Personal Storage in Huyton

Personal storage in HuytonPersonal storage in Huyton is a specialty service offered at Terry Lunt Storage.

If you are planning to move, conduct a complete home renovation, de-clutter or downsize, you likely require additional storage space. Finding this space has become a luxury. A customer’s best option is finding a storage facility. When choosing a storage facility, you want to ensure that there is ample space, lighting, security features and regular maintenance of the property. The cost of using the facility also matters. Customers find that in all these matters, Terry Lunt Storage is ahead of the game.

If you reside in Huyton, personal storage is not hard to locate. We offer self-storage units that customers can rely on. We offer a comprehensive self-storage service that will make the entire process easy and stress-free. The size of storage space required will depend on the amount of “stuff” you have. Currently, we have 6 storage space sizes: 25 sq. ft., 50 sq. ft., 75 sq. ft., 100 sq. ft., 150 sq. ft. and 200 sq. ft. Each of these rooms is clean, safe and equipped with a 24/7 CCTV surveillance camera. In addition, you do not have to lug all your belongings from the car to your storage space. There are free to use trolleys and trucks on site that you can use to transport your items. If you prefer to wrap certain items in packaging materials, then you can easily purchase these from our customer service counter.

Finding ample personal storage in Huyton is always a top priority when you are relocating or conducting home renovations. With us, you can get the best tailor made storage solutions to suit your needs. With our competitive prices and storage unit sizes, there is a solution for everyone. Contact Terry Lunt Storage today for more information about personal storage options. You can also find out about our “1st-month free” offer! We will gladly provide a free quote. Our friendly and professional staff is always ready to help.