Self Storage Solutions in Knowsley, an Excellent Option for Your Needs

Self Storage Solutions in KnowsleySelf storage solutions in Knowsley with Terry Lunt Storage can save you a lot of grief. We all have these things that we want to keep but we don’t use them frequently. The things we do use take up more space than we have so we put the things we don’t use in storage. Storage means locations like the attic, the garage or the basement. That’s where the kids old baby equipment and toys that you’re saving for your grandchildren are stored. The old photo albums from grandma’s house have to be kept. Those photos are the family legacy which someone should digitise but so far nobody has the time. Dads mechanics tools or stamp collection are to be saved for specific children or grandchildren. Seasonal decor, vintage clothes, and your wedding dress. It’s all important.

But what happens when you go into the storage area and start pulling things out? You discover that in Knowsley, self storage solutions like your basement and garage are poor solutions indeed. The books smell of mould, the mice have nested in the vintage clothing, the tools are rusty, the baby bed has mould on it and the photos are stuck together and watermarked. Any wood furnishings that you hoped to restore will eventually warp and get wood rot. Such a waste and so disappointing to the family. At Terry Lunt Storage we have dry, clean, sealed storage units from 25 sq. ft. in graduated sizes up to 200 sq. ft. All of the aforementioned items and more would fit in one clean, secure and safe 25 sq. ft. storage unit.

Our self storage solutions in Knowsley are fire and intruder alarm protection and under 24 hour CCTV/security. You have the only key to the lock. Our well lit facility is accessible at all times. Our rates are reasonable and in fact, we won’t be beaten on price. Plus, the first month is free. The 200 sq. ft. unit will securely hold the contents of a 4 bedroom home. We also have a removal company so if you need help moving your belongings to your storage unit, we can help you. Contact Terry Lunt Storage or stop in and take the tour of our facility. For one small monthly payment, your treasures will be safely stored in a climate-controlled facility. Stop allowing good things to suffer ruin from damp and vermin. We’ll keep them safe for you.