Self Storage in Crosby

Self Storage in CrosbySelf storage in Crosby with us at Terry Lunt Storage is a safe, dry, rodent free and affordable alternative to your damp basement, musty attic, greasy garage and breezy barn. Pack up granny’s antique side table, your treasured books, photo albums, seasonal clothing, kids christening gowns and artwork from kindergarten through high school. Mark the containers well and store them in one of our self storage units. We have six sizes ranging from 25 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft. Store your treasures in whatever sized unit you need, lock it up and forget it until you need something. You will have the only keys to your unit lock. We do not keep duplicates or master keys. Nobody besides you will have access to your unit.

When you return to your storage unit to retrieve an item you will find everything exactly as you left it. You will also notice in Crosby, self storage units at Terry Lunt Storage and the facility as a whole, is well lit, monitored by closed-circuit cameras and there may even be an employee nearby ready to give you a hand or lend you a trolley. Not too much can go wrong but just in case, your belongings are covered by insurance. Access to your storage unit is available every day of the week. There is no monetary limit on what you may store in your unit. No one but you will know what is stored in your unit.  For obvious reasons, live animals, flammable materials, unpreserved food and illegal substances are forbidden.

Compare your self storage in Crosby experience with your past storage debacles. Treasured books destroyed because of mould you will never get rid of. Photo album pages stuck together from water seepage, christening gowns and wedding dresses ruined by chewing rodents and winter woollens disintegrated by moths. The value of such items is personal but they can’t be replaced. The wood of granny’s side table is so dried out it’s not worth restoring. These are items your children and grandchildren will never see or own. Contact Terry Lunt Storage and take advantage of our secure storage units to protect your treasures. Your basement is to house your mechanicals and your garage is for your car and yard equipment.