Storage Company in Huyton

Storage Company in HuytonOur storage company in Huyton began with our removal company which we established over 40 years ago. Personal storage units didn’t get their start until the late 1960’s but seeing the need and having experience with temporary storage of customers furnishings; it was a natural progression. We like to say the need for storage was a side effect of prosperity; people were able to buy more stuff than they had room for. That isn’t true of course. However, folks did need a safe, dry and easily accessible space to store belongings that are important to them. Attics, basements and garages were commonly used and the result was musty smelling books, mould covered photo albums and chewed cords, wires, clothing and anything else rodents could get their teeth into.

Our customers still need safe, clean and dry storage. In Huyton, a storage company offers all that plus you’ll have easier access to your belongings. No hoisting yourself into the attic or poking around in dark basement closets. Really, if the stuff is worth saving then it’s worth keeping it in usable condition. Some people use our storage units just for seasonal household items. They like having quick and easy access and their goods are clean and ready to use. We guarantee the lowest rates of anybody so the cost is nominal for the amount of convenience and preservation you enjoy. We have 25 sq ft units all the way up to 200 sq ft units.

Our storage company in Huyton is open for you to access your unit 8am to 6pm weekdays; 8am to 4pm Saturday and 10am to 2pm Sunday. You have the only key. The storage facility is under closed circuit TV surveillance 24 hours a day and it’s well-lit during open hours. Moving items in and out or rearranging heavy items is made easier with the free use of our trucks and trolleys. To find out more, contact us or visit our storage facility and have a look at our units and the ease of access. We can help you estimate the size unit that works best for you.