Business Storage in Liverpool

Business Storage in LiverpoolIf business storage in Liverpool is getting scarce at your offices, consider Terry Lunt Storage as an option. When business outgrow their office space, they start counting the cost of moving to a larger space. They see the increased overhead and are reluctant to make the move right away. Others like their location and don’t want to give it up. With a little creative thinking and rearranging, changing addresses may not be necessary. Look around and consider what you don’t use on a monthly basis. Maybe there are three unused desks nobody uses; 2 conferences rooms when you only use one for a monthly meeting. How about that bank of filing cabinets that takes up a whole wall and only stores hard copies of computer files? Or maybe your office has a whole room set aside for archived files that are not needed on site.

We have storage units available from 25 to 100 sq ft of clean dry space for unused or seldom needed office files and furnishings. For offices in Liverpool, business storage secure in every way is what Terry Lunt provides. You are the only one with a key for your storage unit. Our facility is well lit at all times and we have CCTV cameras for added security that are monitored 24 hours a day. The units are free of mould and dampness so your files will not get musty smelling. Storage is the smart move when you compare the small monthly rental fee to the cost of a larger office space.

You will have access to your business storage in Liverpool seven days a week. If you need to gather files, access is easy. We invite you to contact us for more information about our storage facilities. When you come in, we’ll help you decide on the unit size that is best for you and quote you the rental and insurance fees. In one weekend you could free up a lot of square footage in your office. Add shelves to your storage space and organize your files so any one is easily located. At Terry Lunt we make it as convenient for you as possible.