Storage Solutions in Formby

Storage Solutions in FormbyYou may need to find storage solutions in Formby if you are planning on down sizing and moving to a smaller home. After sorting through your possessions and realising that you cannot take all that you own with you, it is a sensible idea to find a company that offers storage units of different sizes. If you are loathe to sell or get rid of some the more personal items that you own, a secure storage unit is the answer. We offer different sized storage units at affordable prices. There is no need to sell your memorabilia or hobby collection because you won’t have sufficient space in your new home. With our safe, secure and clean storage units, you can keep your collections.

When it is time to move house in Formby, storage solutions are ideal for any items you are unable to take with you to your new home. Choose from different sized units that are well lit, safe and secure. The smallest unit is roughly the size of a small bedroom or a van, and the largest unit is big enough for the contents of a large house. There are also 50 sq ft units available that are as spacious as a large transit van or a big garden shed. Whichever size unit you decide on, you can rest assured that they are safe, clean and secure. Our storage units are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. Each unit also has fire protection and an intruder alarm. An added benefit of hiring one of storage units is that you will be the sole key holder.

Consider storage solutions in Formby when you are unable to take all your possessions with you to your new home. Contact Terry Lunt Storage today and request a quote. Our rates are competitive and you can rest assured that your treasures will be safe in your storage unit. We open at all hours which means you have the freedom to remove or add to your storage unit as you need to.