Storage in St Helens

Storage in St HelensThe value of storage in St Helens at Terry Lunt Storage is often learned the hard way. We all have things we care about stored away. We don’t use them on a regular basis. We accumulate memories as photos, trophies, wedding gowns, baby shoes and grandma’s huge ugly soup tureen. Some of us are planning to purchase a larger family home. Meanwhile, we collect antiques that will grace that future home. There’s no room in the house for all that stuff and you don’t want to clutter space unnecessarily so you store it and maybe lose it forever. Racoons move into the attic, spring rains flood the basement, mice winter in your garage and damp mouldy air permeates everything. Tragically, fire sometimes consumes the treasures along with the household goods.

The plastic bags and sealed containers did not offer enough protection against the elements and vermin. Now imagine, in St Helens, storage that is climate controlled, dry and sealed against intruders be they human, animal, insect or mould spores. That and more is what you get for a small monthly fee at Terry Lunt Storage. You can have as little or as much space as you need. The storage facility is easily accessible and once inside you will find a well lit facility secured with CCTV and only you will have the key to your storage area. When you think of something you need from the storage facility, go get it. They are open every day.

One of the best things about storage in St Helens at Terry Lunt is being able to find an item you are looking for. When you store at home, you may know you have the item but you don’t know exactly where. It could be in a box in the attic, garage, barn or basement. It may never be found until you move or the kids sell your house. Contact Terry Lunt Storage or visit us and see for yourself how safe your treasures could be. The first month is free. Put a rack of shelves in your clean and dry storage unit and buy a big black Magic Marker to organise your storage containers. When you want to give that special book or bridal veil to a grandchild, it will look like the day you stored it.