Storage Company in St Helens

storage company in St HelensA storage company in St Helens could be the answer to your space problems.

If you have things you cannot part with but do not have the space to store them, self storage at Terry Lunt Storage can help. Our storage facility is clean, well lit and secure. You have the use of our trucks and trolleys to move your things within your storage unit. You can purchase all of the packaging materials you may need to make the process easier for you. With us you can store your things in an organised manner. The price of storage is affordable and you get your first month’s storage free. We have a handy calculator so that you can estimate how much storage you need. If you find you need more space at a later stage, there is ample room and you can hire a storage unit as big as 200 sq. m.

If you are downsizing or renovating your home in St Helens, a storage company can assist. We will provide you with a free quote upfront so you know exactly what the unit will cost you. The facility is open at convenient times so you can bring your things into storage, or access them. You can also take advantage of the free local pick-up that we offer. A transit size truck can be booked to come and collect your things for storage. All you need to do is load and unload the truck and it will not cost you anything.

If you are finding that your house is overflowing with belongings, a storage company in St Helens can help you restore order in your home. Pack into boxes those belongings you can’t throw away but for which you have no room. Store that furniture you inherited. You cannot part with it but it is taking up too much room in your contemporary sized home. Contact Terry Lunt Storage today to find out more about a storage company and get a quote for your self storage. You don’t have to sell or give away precious things. Send them to storage instead.