Cheap Self Storage in Formby

Cheap Self Storage in FormbyLook for cheap self storage in Formby as today is the day you have set aside for the task. That is because tomorrow is the day you take back your garage. The rafters are filled with pole vault equipment, spearfishing gear and inoperable bicycles hanging from hooks. The walls are lined with plastic bins filled with Barbie Dolls, teenage scrapbooks and sports trophies dating back to the first year of school. Every time one of your adult children comes by they bring another box of stuff to drop in your garage. They can’t bear to part with any of it but they do not have room in their apartment to store it. So you will send their stuff to purgatory. There it will reside for one year while the kids decide to keep it or forget about it.

That went well. In Formby, cheap self storage is offered by Terry Lunt Storage. Once the stuff is all packed up, they will even bring their truck and transport it from your garage to your new storage unit. The first month is free. This is turning out to be easier than you imagined. The facility is quite nice. It’s clean and well lit. There are closed circuit security cameras all around so you feel safe while there. That’s good because you found out some of those plastic bins are full of your stuff you forgot you had. Really! You are going to hang on to those old sewing patterns? How about those framed embroidered pieces you churned out to keep your hands busy when you quit smoking? It’s okay because there is room in purgatory for all of it.

Cheap self storage at Terry Lunt Storage can accommodate your storage needs, small and large. They’re always ready to lend a hand carrying heavy bins from your car to your storage unit. When you feel you have to get out from under the debris and get organised, contact Terry Lunt Storage for cheap self storage. The prices are reasonable and the customer care is thoughtful. Their hours of operation are accommodating so you can go in and out of your unit when you need to. All your belongings will be safe and dry for as long as you need the space.