Storage Solutions in Sefton

storage solutions in SeftonAll your storage solutions in Sefton are solved just with knowing about Terry Lunt Storage. This is because you have reassurance knowing your possessions are secure, dry and safe while you don’t need them. Decent storage and packing will ensure your goods stay as you left them until you use them again. In your search for a self-storage facility, choose those that are experienced in the game, who allow you to take a tour of their facilities on their website first, so that you don’t waste time getting there and finding it totally unsuitable. When you give Terry Lunt Storage facilities the once-over, you’ll notice nice dry facilities and no signs of the possibility of water damage anywhere in the buildings.

There are some aspects of storage that are vitally important. In Sefton, storage solutions have to be competitively priced and you want to be sure that the storage facilities are monitored around the clock, day and night. You never have to fear, because Terry Lunt Storage offers one pleasant surprise after the next. If you’re requiring storage for 12 weeks or longer, they will give you your first month free. All that is required to benefit from this is to pay 8 weeks up front. They also offer a free local pickup service, saving their customers from having to use their own vehicles or other transport.

With storage solutions in Sefton, you have options, with Terry Lunt offering different sized units. Take your pick from 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 sq ft units. Whichever size you settle on, you get a clean, secure unit that comes with 24hr CCTV and security alarms as standard. Contact Terry Lunt Storage to find out more about affordably price storage solutions. You will need insurance, but Terry Lunt makes provision for this and insurance can be obtained from them. You can also buy all your packaging materials from them such as boxes, and bubble-wrap. Terry Lunt Storage offers you convenient, ‘all-under-one-roof’ storage.