Student Storage Hope University

Student Storage Hope UniversityWhy not do something different this year about student storage, Hope University? Instead of packing up all your personal items from your dorm or apartment and hauling them all home for break, why not pack them up and leave them in Liverpool. Terry Lunt Storage has a huge facility right in Liverpool. There are storage units in sizes from 25 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft.  Terry Lunt offers the best storage space rental prices for domestic and commercial clients. Now they have a storage space plan just for students. The self-storage units are clean and well -lit. Closed circuit video monitoring is in place for extra security. However, the lock you place on your storage unit is yours and you hold the only key.

At Hope University, student storage with Terry Lunt has an added benefit. They will pick up your items for storage and deliver them to the facility. When you return to Hope University, Terry Lunt Storage will deliver back to your dorm or apartment. You do not have to worry about fitting it all in your car or renting a truck. Just pack it all up and mark it well. If you need packing supplies, we have boxes, bubble-wrap, wardrobe boxes and packing tape available for purchase. The wardrobe boxes are especially helpful. They hold quite a lot of clothing so you need not take out of season clothing home just to turn around and bring it back.

For student storage, Hope University, Terry Lunt Storage is an ideal solution at reasonable rates. You can store whatever you want within reason. Unreasonable would be anything flammable, illegal or alive. If you have a stock of canned and packaged food, box it and store it along with your dorm fridge. Just be sure no perishable foods get left in storage for reasons that are obvious. Safely store you bicycle or scooter while you are away from campus for break.  Terry Lunt Storage has been in business for forty years. They know how to keep your belongings secure. However, they are easily accessible seven days a week for those who plan to spend their break in the city. For more information about student storage, contact Terry Lunt Storage.