Personal Storage in Formby

personal storage in FormbyMost of us could use a little more space for personal storage in Formby. Terry Lunt Storage can give that to you. It might not have occurred to you but a personal storage unit makes an excellent gift for adult children. Surprise them with a beautifully gift wrapped padlock. You could lovingly box up the treasures they have accumulated over their twenty years in your house. You know, those things they just can’t bear to part with like the weight bench that takes up a parking spot in the garage. The bin full of hot wheel cars, the box full of old games and game systems, memory albums overflowing with photos and dead flowers with ribbons will all be safe and dry. Give Barbie and her house a new address.

In Formby, personal storage space can be turned into useful space for your own hobbies and interests. Maybe you would enjoy having a closet for seasonal items instead of old princess dresses, school uniforms and sports equipment. Move all the snorkelling equipment out of that utility room and put in a sewing and craft table. Stretch your yoga mat all the way out. There is no more useful gift for the price than a year of Terry Lunt Storage. After that, the kids can decide for themselves what is and is not treasure. They will be so grateful for the convenient hours of operation. They can visit their childhood memories seven days a week in a clean and well-lit facility. Their box of plastic trophies is secured by 24 hour closed circuit TV monitoring.

Personal storage in Formby is available from 25 to 200 square feet. If your adult children want their bedroom furniture but do not yet have anywhere to put it, Terry Lunt Storage has space. No worries Mum because Terry Lunt Storage will pick up the furniture right from your house and store it for you. All you have to do is vacuum the carpet and move in your elliptical and flat screen T.V. Everything in storage at Terry Lunt is insured against loss so you will not have to give that stuff another thought. Your adult children will probably never forget such a thoughtful gift. However, if they do, direct the billing to their new address as a reminder of the things they hold dear. For more information about affordable personal storage, contact Terry Lunt Storage.