Student Storage Edge Hill

Student Storage Edge HillThe need for student storage at Edge Hill results from the necessity for students to clear the dormitories over long breaks. Parents are usually left to provide the logistics of moving their student’s belongings out until the break is over and then moving them back in. Their new best friend becomes the one with a pick-up truck. Once students have the stuff moved out of the dorm, they have to find some place to store it. That will likely be the parents’ house. It’s okay if you don’t have room. The kids think it’s fine to just pile it in the dining room or sun room. If you don’t agree, call Terry Lunt Storage. They have an idea you might like and they are only about fifteen minutes from campus.

At Edge Hill, student storage with Terry Lunt Storage is an economical solution to frequent moves. There are clean storage units from 25 sq. ft. up to 200 sq. ft. of space. The facility is protected by closed circuit T.V. cameras. Students will have easy access to their belongings whenever there is something they need, like a book or water skis. Students can buy their packing materials from Terry Lunt Storage or use their own products. The important thing is to pack belongings in an organised fashion and mark the boxes or bins well. Anything needed will be easily found and everything can be moved back into dorms or apartments with a minimum of fuss. Terry Lunt offers a free pick-up and delivery service. You do not have to beg help from anyone.

Student Storage at Edge Hill with Terry Lunt is efficient. It is far less fuss than hauling a lot of stuff across the country only to turn around and haul it back again. Terry Lunt Storage is safe, secure and easily accessible for Edge Hill students. Only the student has access to the unit with their own lock. Facility attendants have no master keys to individual storage spaces. For moving your belongings within the storage unit there is free use of trucks. Terry Lunt Storage is well-lit and open seven days a week so it is convenient to drop off or pick up items at your convenience. For information about student storage, contact Terry Lunt Storage.