Self-storage Options in St Helens

self-storage options in St HelensYou will need good self-storage options in St Helens if you are moving from a big house into a small one. One of the most well-known companies is Terry Lunt Storage. They provide storage options for people who are looking to rent either for a short term period or a long one. In fact, because of their 40 years of activity in the field, they are hailed as experts and are trusted by the local community. One of the things that Terry Lunt Storage is proud of is the satisfaction of their clients; they have an impressive record of managing and surpassing their clients’ expectations.

In St Helens, self-storage options offered by Terry Lunt Storage. Recently, the company has been offering one month free when you opt for their package. If you are interested in renting storage space, you might be eligible to enjoy this offer. It is applicable to all sizes of storage units and to all customers who are renting for a minimum of 12 weeks. However, the customers will have to pay for the 8 weeks upfront to enjoy this offer. If you have a lot of stuff to move or place in storage temporarily, do consider Terry Lunt Storage as they have a number of storage facilities available. Terry Lunt Storage does not compromise on quality of service nor on security. They understand that many of their clients want to keep their possessions in a safe location and as such, they make sure that the location is safe and monitored 24 hours a day.

For peace of mind, do consider the various self-storage options in St Helens. Terry Lunt Storage provides quality services that rarely disappoint their customers. On top of that, their prices are affordable, and their name over the years has become synonymous with trust and quality. If you are looking to move some stuff into a storage facility, give them a call today and enjoy one month free of rent. For more information about self-storage options, contact Terry Lunt Storage.