Self Storage in Maghull

self storage in MaghullFor self storage in Maghull you want a facility that is clean, dry, secure and reasonably accessible.Terry Lunt Removals and Storage adds an extra layer of security by having closed circuit T.V. working 24-hours a day. Most units have intruder alarms and of course only you have the key. Units range in size from 25 square feet to 200 square feet. That means you can store the contents of an average van all the way up to a four bedroom house. Terry Lunt will even pick up your belongs to transport to the storage facility. That is a very useful service for those who would like to put things in storage but have no way of getting them there. The storage units are all well lit and you have the free use of trucks and trolleys to move things around.

In Maghull, self storage is an excellent solution for many situations. Maybe you are moving into a smaller home without space for some of your furnishings. You can store them while you find a new home for them. Short-term storage is the solution when your house sells quickly but your new construction home is running two months behind schedule. You will need to bunk with friends or family but your belongings will be safe. When the kids have to clear out their dorm for the summer, take their stuff straight to Terry Lunt Removals and Storage. Don’t even bring it home. Rentals are month to month and the first month is free so store your items for the time you need.

Self Storage in Maghull is economical at Terry Lunt Moving and Storage. They are open seven days a week so you have easy access to your storage unit. If you are storing seasonal items they will be readily available when you are ready to trade your summer clothes and beach toys for Christmas decorations. If there is any question about what may be stored just ask them. Usually common sense will guide you so you know you cannot store any flammable or perishable goods and nothing illegal or alive. Aside from those few exceptions, you can store most anything you want. Contact Terry Lunt Removals and Storage for more information on self storage.