Safe Self Storage in Liverpool

Safe  Self Storage in Liverpool Self storage in Liverpool is always in demand for homeowners who are downscaling and looking to put some of their furniture into storage. When you move, whether it’s your home or office, you want to know that you are dealing with professionals who take care with your goods. Terry Lunt Removals & Storage are certainly not newcomers to the moving game, and as a family run business with more than 40 years of exceptional experience behind them, you can trust them to take care of your belongings. They were established in 1991, and words such as quality, speed, care and professionalism are synonymous with this experienced team.

In Liverpool, self storage is important if you can’t take all your goods with you. The price you pay for the storage of your goods will be determined by what size storage unit you need. If you do your research you’ll find that Terry Lunt are reasonably priced when compared to their competitors. They offer an excellent range of modern storage units in different sizes, so you can take your pick from 25 sq ft, 35-, 50-, 75-, 100-, 150- and 200 sq ft. You’ll find that all these units are perfectly clean and secure and come with 24hr CCTV/security alarms as standard. Once you have selected the appropriate storage unit for your needs, they will require a photographic ID, proof of address, debit- or credit card details, a copy of their T&Cs agreement and a padlock for your own security.

Self storage in Liverpool requires insurance. This is easily obtained through Terry Lunt for your convenience. You can however, choose your own insurance. Terry Lunt also makes it easy for customers by allowing them to purchase a full range of packing materials such as bubble wrap, parcel tape, boxes, crates and much more. For safe and affordable self storage, contact Terry Lunt Removals and Storage.