Storage Company in Maghull

Storage Company in MaghullAt Terry Lunt, storage company in Maghull, we understand you have choices when considering storage facilities for your belongings. So let us save you some time and research by promising you we won’t be undersold. We guarantee the lowest price for like quality. Of course it doesn’t cost you anything to store items in your basement, attic or garage. That’s a good choice if you never plan to use them again. Donation centres receive those mouldy smelling books and moth-eaten sweaters all the time. Had they been stored properly, someone else or even you yourself might have use for them. You would  do well to give them away now rather than store them where wood will soften and deteriorate and mice will make nests in pockets.

Store your belongings with us at Terry Lunt Storage where they will remain dry, protected by 24 hour surveillance and you have easy access to them. In Maghull, our storage company makes your items more easily accessible than if you kept them in your home basement or attic. You are the only one with a key so visit your storage unit in our well-lit facility where no one can pile their bicycle on top or dig through and scatter items. Make yourself comfortable and label your boxes and organise them so if you need an old photo you can go directly to the correct box. We have all sized storage units so if you are saving an antique bedroom set it will be safer stored here until you have room for it.

Our storage company in Maghull, Terry Lunt Storage, is happy to serve as your Hope Chest until your home or flat is ready for your things. The furniture at unbeatable prices can be bought now and stored for later. Contact Terry Lunt Storage for any storage need you may have. Our units range in size from 24 to 100 square feet of secure space. Consider us for your business storage either for archiving or interim storage when changing business locations. No living or flammable items are accepted for storage. Other than that, we have a space for any of your belongings you want kept safe.