Cheap Self Storage in Formby

Cheap Self-Storage in FormbyIf you want cheap self storage in Formby choose Terry Lunt Storage; the first month is free, and it doesn’t get any cheaper than that! Payment starts with the second month but even that is reasonable and competitive with others. What is different from others is you don’t have to pay more for service, security and cleanliness. Need a hand moving your stuff to the storage shed, at Terry Lunt Storage we will pick it up and deliver it to the storage facility. There is a variety of sizes from which to choose for your storage locker. Whichever is right for you will be secure. Our facility is CCTV monitored 24 hours a day and well lit inside and out. You are the only one that will have a key to your lock.

Staff is on the premises during open hours which are; Monday to Friday 8-6; Saturday 8-4 and Sunday 10-2. In Formby, cheap self storage at Terry Lunt is not like walking into an abandoned building. If you need a hand, just ask someone. We have wheeled carts available to help move goods around as well. Some people don’t realise that our facility is available for business storage. Decide on the size that best suits your needs and maybe put shelving in to hold archived document containers. You can also store unused office furniture or machines you haven’t decided what to do with. Contractors working from home use our storage facility for the big tools they don’t use every day like 10’ ladders, bulk reels of wire or cable, and materials they buy cheap at bulk rates. Whatever they don’t want on the truck or in their garage is safe with us.

Cheap self storage in Formby at Terry Lunt Storage is not inferior in security, cleanliness or customer service. You simply get more for your money. We have a policy of not being undersold so you’ll always know you are getting the best price available. You will also get the best customer service around. Whether you want to store the contents of your home, office or just a few tools or boxes of documents, we have a storage unit sized right for your need. Contact Terry Lunt and we can give you prices over the phone. There aren’t any hidden cost. Come in and have a look around our storage premises. We think you’ll agree your treasures are safe with us.