Self Storage in St Helens

Self Storage in St HelensSelf storage in St Helens will be an ideal solution to the problem of your overflowing house. Through our lives, we tend to collect and hoard often seemingly useless objects. You may still have your very first stamp collection, or postcards from friends abroad gathering dust and taking up space in your home. The idea of getting rid of these once important collections is heart breaking yet you have no more available space in which to store them. This when the option of self storage is well worth considering.

For your model plane and stamp collections in St Helens, self storage is a perfect way to hold on to your treasures without causing a problem in your home. You can hire a self storage unit in the size you need to house all your precious collections in a safe and dry environment. In a storage unit, they will be safe, out of the way and protected. Terry Lunt Storage provides a range of secure, dry and well-lit storage units to meet your size requirements. From 25 sq ft to 200 sq ft, all are protected by CCTV and you will be the sole key holder. While the smaller self storage units are likely more suitable for your needs, it is nice to know that they provide a range of different sized storage space. Should you ever need more storage space in the future, you could easily upgrade your contract for a larger unit.

Self storage in St Helens means you can keep your special collections. Contact Terry Lunt Storage today to find out more about their self storage options. Their name is synonymous with quality and good value. In today’s world, a good deal for secure space can be hard to find. This storage company will be pleased to assist you with your storage needs. They also offer the free use of their trucks and trolleys to manoeuvre your goods in around your unit. For any advice or suggestions about secure affordable storage units, you are welcome to speak to their friendly and helpful staff.