Storage Solutions in Bootle

Storage Solutions in BootleIt can be risky to use your basement and garage as storage solutions in Bootle. At Terry Lunt Storage, we have heard many sad stories of ruined treasures because of dampness, flooding, vermin and mould. People just do not expect the damage that can occur. A drum set seems safe sitting in a garage but mould will ruin it. Anything made of textiles will quickly become nesting material for mice. Just because your basement has not flooded in ten years does not mean it will not ever flood again. Photos, special furniture pieces that you do not have room for, seasonal clothing and book collections need a dry storage area. Terry Lunt Storage has ideal climate controlled storage facilities in sizes to meet your needs.

In Bootle, storage solutions at Terry Lunt is easy. We have all the packing supplies you need to prepare your goods for storage. If you have a large number of items, we will send a truck to transport your goods to our storage facility. Our storage facility is well lit and monitored by closed circuit T. V. 24 hours a day. We supply trucks and trolleys for your use to move goods into or out of the storage units. You will have easy access to your stored goods seven days a week. When it is time for holiday decorations or heavy winter clothing, stop buy your storage space, pick them up, and when you are finished with them, return them safely to storage. You can organise your storage unit so whatever you need is simple to find.

Terry Lunt offers storage solutions in Bootle for commercial use as well as personal. If your business is in need of a secure storage room, one of our rental units will serve you well. Archive your old files so you can search them easily when you need them. Store extra office desks, tables and chairs that you need only occasionally. Storage insurance is available for additional protection for both personal and business belongings. You are free to add shelving to organize your stored goods. Set up a worktable so you can review files without removing them from the facility. It is your storage space, so feel free to make it work for you. For more information about storage solutions, contact Terry Lunt Storage.