Do You Require Self Storage in Crosby?

Do You Require Self Storage in Crosby?If you have to move, you will probably require self storage in Crosby.

This will help you temporarily store your personal items in a secure facility, giving you time to settle into your new place. Many people choose self storage facilities because they simply do not have the space at home or they had to move in a hurry and were unable to take everything with them. Some people choose to sell off extraneous items, however not everything can be sold. This is especially true of sentimental memorabilia and other knick knacks. Sometimes you might hesitate selling off your stereo system or television set but not have a safe place to store it. This is where a self storage facility comes in handy.

In Crosby, self storage is available for most people who are looking for self storage facilities at Terry Lunt Removals & Storage. Whether you are moving, having construction work done or renting out your property, Terry Lunt is a safe, secure and modern storage facility. They have a varied range of facilities to cater to all sorts of storage requirements. Terry Lunt’s prices are competitive so you can be sure that you are getting an affordable rate. When it comes to storage, you can pretty much store anything except for goods that are perishable, highly flammable, alive or illegal. The cost of the storage facility will be determined by the size of storage unit you require. From time to time, Terry Lunt offers superb deals on self storage. Please keep in mind, that the rent of any unit in on a pre-pay basis only. In terms of size, they have 25 sq ft., 35 sq. ft, 50 sq ft., 75 sq. ft., 100 sq ft., 150 sq ft. and 200 sq. ft. All of their premises are secure and safe, with a 24-hour CCTV/security alarms.

If you require self storage in Crosby, give Terry Lunt Removals & Storage a call today. To get started, you must provide: photographic ID, address proof, a padlock, payment and a copy of the signed T & C agreement. Please ensure that your goods are insured whilst at the storage facility. You may also purchase this from Terry Lunt. For more information on self storage, contact Terry Lunt Removals.